Soapstone, a distinctive and time-honored natural stone, has been a cherished choice for a variety of applications for centuries. Known for its smooth, soft texture and unique, milky appearance, soapstone has a timeless elegance that is both practical and beautiful.

Nuage Leather

Revitalize your kitchen with the natural allure of Nuage Leather Soapstone from Brazil. This exquisite countertop material showcases deep color and a sumptuous leathered texture. Versatile gray tones seamlessly complement diverse styles, while the stone’s inherent durability resists heat.


Black Santo

Enrich your kitchen with the sophisticated allure of Black Santo, a striking natural stone countertop sourced for its deep, elegant tones. This exquisite material seamlessly combines timeless beauty with durability. 

Dorado Porto Alegre Honed

Transform your kitchen with Dorado Porto Alegre Honed, a naturally elegant countertop. The honed finish accentuates its timeless appeal, while the golden hues add warmth and character. Crafted by nature, this durable stone effortlessly merges visual charm with resilience, creating a sophisticated centerpiece for your culinary space. Elevate your design with Dorado Porto Alegre Honed – a perfect blend of beauty and durability.

Nero Black Honed

Elevate your kitchen with Nero Black Honed, a sleek and refined natural stone countertop. The honed finish enhances its contemporary elegance, creating a smooth surface that captivates. Crafted by nature, this durable stone effortlessly combines visual appeal with resilience, offering a chic and enduring centerpiece for your culinary space.

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